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Being able to connect to your data across devices, locations, or clouds is crucial to running your business as IT systems become the backbone of our society. For companies that want to control their IT infrastructure without the headache of maintaining their own data centre infrastructure, our colocation service is the ideal option. With our colocation service, you have the freedom to easily run your business because you may access your data from any computer, place, or cloud.

Our service provides secure and resilient server hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our datacenter is equipped with the latest technology and security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Our tailored colocation services are designed to meet your exact requirements and help you reduce the cost, hassle and security risks associated with maintaining hardware in your own facility.

Benefits of our Colocation Service

Managed Service

  • We take great pleasure in being completely adaptable and are always able to come up with a workable solution for our customers. Our team of professionals guarantees scalability, security, and unmatched performance for your company as we implement, manage, and monitor your colocation and cloud infrastructure services.

Resilient Power & Cooling

  • Our data centres has numerous layers of redundancy for power and cooling, ranging from a minimum of N+1 at certain locations to N+N at others. There will be no service interruptions because power is supplied in various ways from various national grids, with backup generators and UPS units ready to step in as needed.

First-Class Security

  • We are committed to upholding strict physical security measures as routine practise together with very high standards of information security. This has been a part of the G-Cloud framework since 2013, and is partnered with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 27017 accreditations. It is also PCI Compliant.


What We Do

Our experienced network engineers are well-versed in network protocols and technologies such as TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP, and are conversant with diverse network topologies.

  • Tailored Services and Solutions
  • Proactive Support
  • Collaboration with Partners

At our company, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, services, and strategies designed to help businesses succeed in the digital age. This includes managed IT services, digital transformation, IoT solutions, cloud hosting, cybersecurity, managed networks, remote management and monitoring services, and more.

Our goal is to help enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it's streamlining IT operations, improving customer experiences, unlocking new business opportunities, or protecting against cyber threats, we're here to help.

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